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Get you music on 200dB without waking up anyone: Yamaha Sound Projector

Yamaha has been working on an interesting sound delivery technology with their sound systems, they call this the “Sound Beam”, which essentially is a more focused chain of sound wave adjusted to give the loudest intensity to the listener and the listener only. With that, you will still be able to listen to your music at a house party with ...

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Review: Sony WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 turned out disappointing

Sony announced their WiFi HiFi VGF-WA1 at CES earlier, whilst we don’t have our hands-on with them, those folks from Impress Japan has already reviewed it. It is always good to get some more background information before we import blindly. The WA1 turned out disappointing. The installing process was okay, but not particularly userfriendly, it also required quite some manual ...

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