Review: Noby Noby Boy


So last night, I stumbled home somewhat drunk and full of Mexican food. I plopped down on the couch and started smoking a cigarette. I decided to cure my temporary boredom, I’d spend the $5 on Noby Noby Boy for the PS3. I downloaded it and 20 minutes later, fired the game up.

30 minutes later all I could say was “What the fuck?” This is not a game. This is a program that was nearly impossible to describe and was clearly designed while under the influence of narcotics. You take this creature that looks like a multi-colored penis with legs and wrap it around shit. You can eat stuff and poop it out. That’s about all I could figure out after 30 minutes of gameplay. I managed to get to the second level (I think) and eventually shut the game off and went to bed.

Is Noby Noby Boy worth the $5? I hate to say it, but if you’re not drunk or fucked up on drugs, I doubt it. The game makes little to no sense but for some reason, it’s surprisingly playable. I suggest splitting the $5 with a friend and giving it a whirl.


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