R2-D2 Cake: Taste the Droid

Fellow GEARhead, Philly, wrote to us to tell us of her thrill at finding this excellent R2-D2 cake, which she said was particularly exciting because she had “always wondered what a droid tasted like.” Well, let me tell you, droids come in many flavors. Some taste like straight up metal, but then there are others that have that generic chicken-y flavor. But by far, my favorite are the baked goods droids which taste just like momma’s home baked cakes.

Metallic shine is edible glitter, silver ‘eye’ pieces I sculpted out of marzipan and my friend covered with the glitter. Big box/lens is painted box (painted by her roommate) with plastic painted package piece to make the lens. Light is chopped off ring from party supply store.

Ok, so GoblinQueeen could use a little work on her descriptive wording skills, not everyone is a gifted word artist. But descriptions aside, R2-D2 is a great place to start if you’ve never tasted fresh droid before. Don’t forget you can also stuff your droids with gaming consoles for extra geek cred. It’s up to you and your belly.

Link (Thanks Philly, you sexy beast you!)

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  1. … u sure are right… she is a sexy beast…

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