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R2-D2 Trash Can: What Can’t Artoo Do?

He’s been known to enjoy a cigarette or two. He’s an avid gamer. And he’s a huge fan of the postal service. Is there anything this droid can’t do? Add trash repository to his resume. Available in both full and desktop sizes, the R2-D2 Trash Can is the perfect spot to dispose of all of that space junk you come ...

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R2-D2 Cake: Taste the Droid

Fellow GEARhead, Philly, wrote to us to tell us of her thrill at finding this excellent R2-D2 cake, which she said was particularly exciting because she had “always wondered what a droid tasted like.” Well, let me tell you, droids come in many flavors. Some taste like straight up metal, but then there are others that have that generic chicken-y ...

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FROS-T the Snow Droid

No, R2-D2 didn’t get stuck outside overnight on the planet Hoth. This snow droid was hand crafted by one clever winter-y geek. And lord knows this winter has already spilled a crap load of snowy art material in my neck of the woods. Maybe the next snowstorm we can see a Snow Vader? Link

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Star Wars C-3PO Papercraft: The Droid You Were Looking For?

Being crafty is often mislabeled as a purely feminine characteristic. If that’s the case, you might as well dress me up in my best Sunday dress and strap a pair of heels on my feet because I love me some papercraft action. Your favorite neurotic droid has just landed on your project table with this intricate papercraft kit, allowing you ...

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Opto-Isolator Isolates You With Stares

The Opto-Isolator asks the question: “What if art could view us?” This strange installation was on display at the Bitforms Gallery in NYC stirring all kinds of emotions as it mimicked the human eye. It’ll focus on any one person staring at it for too long. In addition, it’ll follow the person viewing it as well as blink along to ...

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R2-D2 Mailboxes: May the postal service be with you

Such an odd turn of events. R2-D2 finally getting his props as more than just some beeping robot in Star Wars. These R2-D2 themed mailboxes will help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars this year, and will be spread across America. They might not be a very accurate depiction of the R2 unit, but then again, what could a ...

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