Playstation Home Hacked and First Impressions

PS Home came and guess what: it sucks. Sure, it’s supposed to be in “beta” but the whole thing is just flawed to no end. The Penny Arcade guys did a great job of summarizing it, so check out their comic.

Luckily, someone has figured out how to hack into Playstation Home and thus, opening the door for somebody to make Home fun. Thanks to all that downtime Sony had when launching Home, it seems some hackers discovered how the server system works. I noticed a lot of JSP error pages when trying to first load up Home, so these hacks will involve a little Apache trickery combined with editing JSP files. It’s pretty intense shit but also a great way to easily dive into hacking your PS3. The outcome? Upload third-party content to the Home servers and delete content FROM the Home server itself. Bad news for Sony.


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