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7 Computer Errors You Have To Laugh At

computer error

There are few things as frustrating as when your computer starts talking back to you. Sure, most of us know it's not the computer's fault, BUT that doesn't make those errors any less frustrating. Still, we found a few that you can truly laugh at.

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Playstation Home Hacked and First Impressions

PS Home came and guess what: it sucks. Sure, it’s supposed to be in “beta” but the whole thing is just flawed to no end. The Penny Arcade guys did a great job of summarizing it, so check out their comic. Luckily, someone has figured out how to hack into Playstation Home and thus, opening the door for somebody to ...

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Vista and iTunes 8 Not Playing Nice

Reports have been flowing in that iTunes 8 contains extra packages and specifically, a device driver, that is causing some Windows machines to freeze, lockup and not work properly. My friend just had this happen so I figured I’d post the fix here. The recommended solution is to first uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, and then download and ...

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