Pioneer takes subwoofer on diet

pioneer ts-sw2541d subwoofer

Ok, so maybe a subwoofer canít go on a diet, but Pioneer is thinning up one of their latest subwoofers. Think of the TS-SW2541D subwoofer by Pioneer as the Jared (from subway) of subwoofers. This bad boy can now fit into places subwoofers were never meant to go. Why, you might ask? Well, itís because this subwoofer only needs 3 inches of depth to get that same bass sound from other subs that require much more space than that. This is a huge breakthrough for subwoofers, because now people can fit a lot more subwoofers in a lot less space. Just imagine that internet video of the woman losing her glass eye in the car with the music playing. Now imagine that same situation if that car had this subwoofer in it; both of that ladyís eyes would probably fall out. Now do you understand why this is such a big breakthrough?

Oh, one of the other obvious benefits is that you no longer have to lose all of your Civicís trunk space for subwoofers. At a price of $180, Pioneer is sure to make money with the TS-SW2541D subwoofer. This gives people a new fervor in pimping out their sound systems. Just wait until the folks over at Pimp My Ride find out about this subwoofer.

pioneer ts-sw2541d subwoofer

Nick Rice

Pioneer TS-SW2541D Subwoofer [via CrunchGear]

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  1. i want to perchase the woofer so pleass tell me the process

  2. This subwoofer is perfect for my 2000 toyota tacoma. I have almost no space in my 2-seater standard cab but with this sub I can fit one behind each seat comfortably!

  3. Pioneer are a one stop shop for car audio or subwoofer and you can be sure that your car entertainment needs will be met thanks to Pioneer.

  4. this subs are perfect for my chevy single cab

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