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HTC Dream: Would The Real T-Mobile G2 Please Stand Up?

Leave it to the Boy Genius to get yet another exclusive mobile phone leak. This time around, it’s the T-Mobile G2! Except that, it’s not called the G2. In Europe, it’ll be known as the HTC Dream and Vodafone will be offering it to customers sometime this year. What’s the Dream going to pack? For now, BGR speculates mostly standard ...

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Pioneer Jams 500GB Into Blu-ray Disc

Just when you thought that the 400GB Blu-ray discs announced in early July couldn’t get any sweeter sounding, Pioneer renders it obsolete less than two months after. The standard size of a Blu-ray disc is 25 GB on a single layer and 50GB with a dual layer. Well, the fat cats at pioneer were not satisfied with even 16 layers ...

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Pioneer takes subwoofer on diet

Ok, so maybe a subwoofer cant go on a diet, but Pioneer is thinning up one of their latest subwoofers. Think of the TS-SW2541D subwoofer by Pioneer as the Jared (from subway) of subwoofers. This bad boy can now fit into places subwoofers were never meant to go. Why, you might ask? Well, its because this subwoofer only needs 3 ...

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