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Kenwood KSC-SW10 active subwoofer keeps the bass pumpin’ in your car

Car stereo systems often have difficulty retaining a clean bass sound in such a confined space. The Kenwood KSC-SW10 active subwoofers retain much of the bass that is virtually destroyed by most systems and it does it relatively cost effective. The sub packs in a 150W max power amplifier with a dual voice coil 180mm concave subwoofer and passive radiator. ...

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Pioneer takes subwoofer on diet

Ok, so maybe a subwoofer cant go on a diet, but Pioneer is thinning up one of their latest subwoofers. Think of the TS-SW2541D subwoofer by Pioneer as the Jared (from subway) of subwoofers. This bad boy can now fit into places subwoofers were never meant to go. Why, you might ask? Well, its because this subwoofer only needs 3 ...

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