Pedal Powered Wheelchair: Cruel and Unusual


Adding pedals to a quadriplegics wheelchair is almost as cruel as trying to force them to dance to “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. In fact, adding pedals to any wheelchair seems pretty cruel, but studies have shown that in some instances, they can be beneficial to a patients rehabilitation.

Getting the patients legs moving again can work wonders when they make their way out of the seat. It’s still pretty funny to imagine the pedals on a really handicapped persons wheelchair, albeit extremely cruel. They’d be better off with a mind-powered wheelchair. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I have this product and i couldnt be happier!! My only complaint would be my long wizardly toe nails get caught in it all the time! ha ha. no but really thats fucked up

  2. Laura - Toronto

    I think it’s a great idea!!! I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and while I do use a power chair at times, part of my rehab program is using a recumbent bicycle.

    Imagine – I could get around so much easier!!!

    Lots of people with MS have some weakness on one side, or dizziness tha make them use wheelchairs – they would still be able to pedal this!

    So while it may seem cruel on the surface, it’s actually a stellar idea – at least for those of us with MS who could use it!

  3. I have an equilibrium inbalance, my legs are strong though, could really use one of these. Where do you get them?

  4. my sister in law has MS. She can’t walk any longer because her legs are too weak. Every doctor I have taken her to says that there is nothing wrong with her legs, other than being weak, that says she can’t walk but she doesn’t. She said she is too scared to try and walk. One of your bike attachments would work out nice if there were an indoor model. A much small scale for use indoors. Does this type exist?

  5. How much would this cost? Can the handlebars be altered to wheel? My brother had stroke and the left side is paralyzed. He’d like to bike again. He once rode his bicycle from Bloomington, In to Branson, Mo. At the time of his stroke he was training for the trip from the mouth of Mississippi to the Delta.

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