Wheelchair Moves On The Power Of Thought

Mind Controlled Wheelchair

A US company named Ambient has developed a motorized wheelchair that moves when the operator thinks of specific words. The system works thanks to Audeo, a larynx control system that intercepts signals that are sent from the brain to the voice box. The signals are then relayed to a computer where they are decoded and matched to a set of pre-recorded words that are used to direct the motion of the chair.

Naturally, this sort of technology would be extremely useful for severely impaired individuals that may not be able to produce coherent speech, although the researchers say that Audeo could also be sent to a synthesizer which would allow a person to speak out loud in (almost) real time. Compare that to current methods, like those used by Stephen Hawking, where speech has to be pre-written (an extremely slow and time consuming process.) Check out the link to see a video demonstration of the chair in action � Sean Fallon

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  1. Barbara Clements

    My name is Barbara Clements in St. Louis. I am typing this with a headwand. I drive my wheelchair a chin control wheelchair. I have spastic Cerebral Palsy and the chin control really hurts on rough ground. I have a new wheelchair on order but Medicaid denied the boom for my chin control. I have worked with thought control devices before so if you need someone really disabled to try your device out, please call Tina or I forget the guys’ name at Town and Country. Their phone number is 636-629-8740.
    My attendent Nancy’s phone number is 314-686-1277. Leave a voice message if she doesn’t answerr.


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