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Robotic Wheelchair Follows Around Unsuspecting “Companions”

The Robotic Wheelchair designed by Saitama Universitys Human-Robot Interaction Center is programmed to automatically follow a human companion, using a built-in sensor and camera system which automatically detects the companions shoulders. The Wheelchair is also capable of avoiding obstacles, such as other oncoming humans. Until the day it is legal to harvest humans for personal slavery, this Robotic Wheelchair will ...

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Speedy Electra Adds Sporty Electric Engine To Any Wheelchair

If you can’t move your legs, you might as well be able to look good while (not) doing it. I’m not sure if there are speeding laws for wheelchairs, but we imagine paraplegics must face the same laws as us leg-walkers. I think that’s only fair. The sporty yellow Speedy Electra adds a fully-featured, self-contained electric power drive to any ...

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Pedal Powered Wheelchair: Cruel and Unusual

Adding pedals to a quadriplegics wheelchair is almost as cruel as trying to force them to dance to “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. In fact, adding pedals to any wheelchair seems pretty cruel, but studies have shown that in some instances, they can be beneficial to a patients rehabilitation. Getting the patients legs moving again can work wonders when ...

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A Chicken Head Lamp? Oh, But There’s More!

Sebastian Errazuriz is a designer who has made some really interesting product ideas, focusing on integrating humor and thought to everyday objects. Take for example, the Chick Head Lamp, which depicts a decapitated birdy with a light for a head. We hope it doesn’t still run around like stories we’ve heard. His other designs include a outfit made from chopped ...

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