The 5 Craziest IoT Device Hacks

IoT device

Owning an IoT device can be very beneficial but there is a good chance that you’re going to run into problems along the way. The device in question may have limitations and this can be problematic. Wouldn’t you like to enhance the functionality and performance of your IoT devices? If so, you should think about hacking it. Within this guide, ...

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How To Minimize Your Risks When Migrating To Cloud

Risks when migrating to cloud

Cloud is becoming one of the most popular online storage options for businesses and average individuals. Security is always a priority when it comes to making the transition from hard drive storage to the cloud. Data breaches and online hacks are the driving forces behind the popularity of the cloud. It utilizes some of the best security software programs to ...

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How to Operate Your Vehicle Recovery Business Better

Auto Financing

Running a business where your main assets – your drivers and the recovery vehicles – are on the road most hours of the workday has its challenges. Certainly, the number of moving parts is not inconsiderable and the business itself isn’t simple to operate either. Here are four suggestions for how to operate your vehicle recovery business better than in ...

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The Easy Way to Choose a Reliable Online Casino

Online casino

Choosing the right online casino is crucial to have a fun experience without the stress of thinking about getting cheated. Because you make payments, withdraw your winnings, and share sensitive information with these sites, it is important to rely on the ones that have proper licenses and documentation instead of the ones that only have offers that are too good ...

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6 Top Money Management Tips to Safeguard Your Startup

Business profit

Money management is vital for every business or startup. Without some systems and monitoring in place, your business could soon take a nosedive that may be unrecoverable. In order to first survive and then move forward, you need regular cash flow and some capital in reserve to keep you going through any tough periods. Let’s take a look at 6 ...

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3 Underrated Ways to Market Your Tech Startup Successfully

press release

Anyone who starts a tech startup knows that the competition is incredibly tough. As such, it is essential that the startup markets itself in a way that it attracts the attention of a large number of people. We are so engrossed with doing what is currently working, that we forget the means that have existed for so long and still ...

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Should You Get an SSL Certificate?

Website builder

Even though getting an SSL certification is not mandatory for all websites, but it is highly advised to do so. The benefits that you and your end-users get from SSL are many and well worth the effort and money. Typically, buying SSL from third-party resellers is what I would suggest because it comes out cheapest. You need to examine the ...

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5 Reasons for Launching a Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Do you want to start and run a successful eCommerce store online? Then, begin by researching on google. Look for the best performing eCommerce stores that generate higher revenues online.   In your research, you’ll find names like Walmart, Airbnb, eBay, Amazon, among others. Yes, these stores work on different business models selling various products. But one thing is common; they ...

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5 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Tech Should Watch

ted talk

If you like to watch videos on YouTube, I am sure you must have heard of TED talks. TED talks are a channel that offers free lectures by industry experts, high covers and sometimes weirdoes who live off the beaten path. From self-improvement to medical science, TED uploads all kinds of videos on both their YouTube channel and their website. ...

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Syncing Your Garage Door to Your Phone Does More Than You Think


Did you know that the number of smart homes is expected to double between now and the year 2023? The adoption is expected to pick up more momentum as the technology evolves from the current ‘nice-to-have’ state to a more consumer-urgent ‘must-have’ status. There are some who feel that smart home tech is not quite there yet. If you’re not ...

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