Padded Ear Cushion for Your Mobile Phone Destroys Any Credibility You Might Have Had

I don’t care if you’ve battled a lion to the death or counted higher than Chuck Norris, there is no way you’re going to be looked at the some once people find out that you use the Earos padded ear cushion for your phone. It very well might be true that your ear would be extremely comfy, but the comfort is not worth it, for a few reasons.

One, you are entirely destroying the sanctity of your phone’s design (unless you’re using the Palm Pre or Microsoft KIN, in which case it’s a vast improvement). Second, there is no way that a phone can bother your ear that much unless you’re laying down. Unless you’re chilling out in bed and your phone is digging into your ear, there’s not much use for something like the Earos. Third, if this device is as comfortable as it claims to be there is no way you’d be able to stay awake long enough to have a useful or effective conversation. So it really all depends rather you’re looking for comfort or cool, or whether you’re willing to slaughter a whole pool of hungry sharks to regain some credibility.


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