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Game Boy Pillow Is Much Comfier Than The Real Thing

Not remotely the first time I’ve fallen asleep with a Game Boy near my head, this Game Boy Cushion brings back countless memories from my childhood, sneaking my Game Boy under my blankets and playing into the early morning hours, or until I just couldn’t stay awake anymore. I would literally keep dropping the damn thing on my own face ...

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Are You This Lazy?

If you can’t even sit upright in a chair while on a computer without bitching about back problems, you might need the Lazy Geek’s Cushion. Why lie on a bed when this adjustable cushion can have you reading web comics on any filthy floor in the world. With this cushion, one could even use their laptop on the floor of ...

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Feeling Antsy In Your Pants?

The Webble by BriteObjects is the world’s first active footrest. Perfect for anyone who can’t keep their legs still. A great exercise device for anyone spending a prolonged time in front of a computer. The cushioning is made up of a mesh membrane to add comfort and support to your legs while a set of casters at the bottom of ...

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Lay Down Wherever The Hell You Want To Lay Down

When you cruise around a city, sometimes you don’t feel like you want to go home just yet, but wouldn’t mind taking a little rest. When the city is packed, it’s a constant stream of bumping and jarring. Just let me find a spot to lay down. Wait. Oh, that’s right. Every thing’s made of concrete. This interesting outfit design ...

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