Outta The Blue: Apple Releases New iPod Shuffle


Wow. What happened? Is everyone OK? Let’s take a minute and figure out what went down this morning:

  • Apple takes webstore down
  • Apple puts webstore back up with new iPod Shuffle
  • New device features minimalist design, no controls on device
  • You must use Apple headphones with the Shuffle in order to control the music
  • 4GB capacity, $79 price tag
  • VoiceOver technology tells you track information over your headphones
  • I’m really not sure what to make of this. The player itself is absolutely fucking tiny. Like, just too tiny. And the control scheme being integrated into the headphones? Ouch. Bad idea, Apple. However, 4GB for $79 remains a decent buy, even in this economy. Are you gonna buy one?




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    1. I’m still waiting for some reviews. I just spend $50 at the Church of St. Walton for an 8gb Sansa Clip for working out at the gym. It has a display, audible support, and a battery good for 15 hours.

      I’m still not sure what to make of the new shuffle. But it would be easier on all of us is Apple kept just doing this release method. “Here’s some more unicorn jizz in a metal case, buy it!”

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