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iPod Shuffle Neckband

The iPod Shuffle is one tiny ass device. It’s actually pretty hard to keep track of if you’re multi-tasking, which many music-listeners happen to be doing. If you’re one of the unfortunate schmucks who own the Shuffle, iPod Shuffle Neckband keeps your device close, regardless of how much close you might or might not be wearing. Look, sometimes a guy ...

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iPod Shuffle Ranked as World’s Worst MP3 Player

Apple has some of the best and apparently the worst of gadgets around. The 2009 iPod Shuffle model was rated a dismal 51 out of 100 points, the worst among 9 similarly specced MP3 players. Navigation of the device was apparently one of many key problems, the voice controls ranked as one of the most common complaints. T3 points out ...

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iPod Shuffle and Apple Remote Smashed Into One Device

An ingenious DIYer noticed that the second generation iPod Shuffle and the Apple Remote have a similar shape. So similar that the two devices could be merged together with some crafty electronic finagling. When headphones are connected to the Shuffle / Remote mash-up device, the gadget works as the music player. Without headphones, the device carries the features of an ...

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Apple’s iPod Shuffle Yielding Tremendous Profits

Want to know why Apple has so much cash in the bank? It’s due to the innovation of Steve Jobs combined with the cost-efficient microeconomics of Apple. The company’s latest version of the iPod, the iPod Shuffle, apparently only costs 28-percent of its retail price, $79, to make. That leaves Apple with nearly $57 profit for each player sold. That ...

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Outta The Blue: Apple Releases New iPod Shuffle

Wow. What happened? Is everyone OK? Let’s take a minute and figure out what went down this morning: Apple takes webstore down Apple puts webstore back up with new iPod Shuffle New device features minimalist design, no controls on device You must use Apple headphones with the Shuffle in order to control the music 4GB capacity, $79 price tag VoiceOver ...

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