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The Super Mario Bros. Controls That Never Were

25 years after the fact, most novice gamers know that the controls for Super Mario Bros. on the NES consist of two major inputs: “A” equals jump, “B” equals run or shoot fireballs. It was this simplicity that lived on in the Mario games that followed. But these controls were not always in the plans for our favorite chubby plumber. ...

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It Sucks: Mega Man II Hits The iPhone

I realize that Steve Jobs is really psyched about turning the iPhone and iPod Touch into fully-fledged gaming platforms. That’s great. There are tons of fantastic games for these devices, produced by powerhouse studios and publishers like Electronic Arts. Unfortunately, the classic NES title Mega Man II is not fantastic. Look at this retarded control scheme Capcom set up. It ...

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Outta The Blue: Apple Releases New iPod Shuffle

Wow. What happened? Is everyone OK? Let’s take a minute and figure out what went down this morning: Apple takes webstore down Apple puts webstore back up with new iPod Shuffle New device features minimalist design, no controls on device You must use Apple headphones with the Shuffle in order to control the music 4GB capacity, $79 price tag VoiceOver ...

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