What Does ‘OPS’ Mean on Snapchat?

The term “OPS”can be interpreted in many ways just like any other acronym .The standalone  meaning “OPS” that is widely interpreted as ‘oops’ in most of the social media platforms, is basically a response to something that went wrong or you making a mistake. Other than the obvious standalone meaning “OPS” as a slang is also used as an acronym to represent various phases and titles. While the meaning of “OPS” on Snapchat may not be as well-defined as some of the other acronyms, let us look at some of the potential interpretations and significance that “OPS” holds on Snapchat.

 “OPS” on Snapchat

 "OPS" on Snapchat


“OPS”  as a term or acronym may not be immediately obvious to every social media user. In the context of this social media platform, “OPS” as an acronym  typically stands for “Other People’s Stories.” Stories are one of the best features on Snapchat, it allows the  users to share images and short video clips with their followers for a very limited period of time. When users refer to “OPS” on Snapchat, they are talking about the stories shared by other users in their followers, recommendations or following list. It’s a very convenient way for referring to the content that are updated in the Stories section of the application.

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How “OPS” is Used on Snapchat

Knowing the meaning and how to use an acronym like”OPS” in a conversation are two completely different things. It’s very important to know what are the various scenarios where you can use “OPS” in the conversation. Let us look at some of the common instances where you could possibly encounter the use of ”OPS” on Snapchat.

Referring To Friends’ Stories:

While texting your friends on Snapchat, you can mention “OPS” to refer to the stories of your mutual friends or other users on the platform/
For example – “Did you see Avi’s OPS today? Looks like he’s hitting the gym!”

Viewing Shared Content:

If a friend of yours or someone in general sends you a snap or a message about “OPS,” they are clearly asking you to check a specific story that they think you might like or interest you. It is an effective way of sharing mutual  interests or entertaining, informative or engaging content with your friends.

Comparing Stories:

Snapchat users sometimes use “OPS” to compare the stories of different users. They do so to discuss  who had a more exciting or captivating story. Considering that all the discussion is done with good intent and no pun intended towards any user, this can be a fun way to engage with friends and have interesting conversations.
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Curating Your Own OPS:

Privacy is given immense importance on Snapchat and there are features on the app that allows you to choose who all can view your stories. There are settings on Snapchat that allows you to customize the list of audiences that can view your stories. You can set your stories to be visible to everyone, only your friends, or a selected list of contacts that can view the stories.This customization gives you complete control over who sees your “OPS”.

Potential Interpretations Of “OPS” On Snapchat.

There are plenty other interpretation of “OPS” on Snapchat, let us take a look at few of the other interpretations:

  • Opps:
    A very commonly  interpreted slang variant for  ‘OPS’ on Snapchat “Opps,” which literally translates to opponents that is often used to refer to one’s rivals or enemies. People might use the acronym when they want to alert someone of danger or imply that the person needs to be cautious. When put in a sentence it would sound like “Watch out for the OPS,” implying that they need to be extra careful.
  • Operations:
    Another possible meaning or abbreviation for “OPS” on Snapchat  would be “Operations”. Users may use this acronym  in reference to the project or mission they are working on. For instance, if someone says  “Working on OPS tonight”, it means that the person would be occupied, busily working on a task, mission or operation at night.
  • On Point Style:
    “OPS” could also be an abbreviation for “On Point Style”. It is used in contexts where you would want to compliment someone on their attire, OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), fashion sense, accessorization or appearance, clearly implying that they look stylish or are exceptionally well dressed.
  • Other Possible Interpretations:
    The meaning of acronyms and slang can be very subjective in nature  and can vary from one person to another. On platforms like Snapchat, users often come up with their own interpretations like it’s their own secret code language and use those terms to have very intimate and private conversations that only they can understand. It’s highly possible that “OPS” could have other personal meanings or be an inside joke among a group of friends or the community.

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The Evolving Language of Social Media

The use of acronyms and slang on social media platforms is not unique or limited to Snapchat. These shortcuts have become a part and played a significant role in today’s online communication. As platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp have risen in popularity, so too have the creative ways a language can be used, interpreted and adapted in improving effective communication. Users come up with slang and create trends to keep the conversation interesting and also build a community of like minded people.

This evolution is not limited to acronyms, they go way beyond words. Emojis, memes, avatars and GIFs play such an important role in conveying one’s emotion and tone in digital conversations. Snapchat in particular as an app has unique features, such as Bitmojis and augmented reality filters, making it a more innovative and effective approach to express expression or emotion online.

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In the ever-changing world of social media and digital means of online communication, the meaning of slang terms like “OPS” on Snapchat can not have a definite interpretation. While “OPS” may be a straightforward abbreviation for “Other People’s Stories”, it surely will not remain the same in the near future. As you navigate through the world of Snapchat and engage with new people, you’ll discover that this platform has so much more to offer just like the digital language it inspires, is always changing and adapting to meet the needs of the new users or generations to come.

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