What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

With the rapidly growing popularity of internet slang, finding yourself being confused about what they mean is not too farfetched. Many people are stuck trying to figure out what KMS means on Snapchat.

If you are one of those and landed on this article, welcome! While we don’t necessarily have a dictionary that walks you through the meaning of all the internet slang, we will start with one here – KMS or Kill Myself.


Now that you have a shortcut answer to what KMS means on Snapchat, scroll through the article to understand better the phrase and how you can use it in conversations.

What is KMS?

KMS is the short form for Kill Myself, an internet slang people use on Snapchat during texting and other social media platforms.

In most instances, if someone sends you KMS on Snapchat, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are trying to kill themselves. Instead, it showcases their irritation, frustration, or disagreement with a situation.

In short, some people use KMS when exaggerating their emotions in unfavorable situations.

Besides this being the primary definition, KMS often depicts “killing me slowly” as well. An example of that would be if you are watching a show and the show’s lead couple are in the middle of a slow-burn romance; you can express your frustration with KMS or killing me slowly, depicting how you want them to get together already but the plot isn’t allowing it.

Lastly, in rare situations, KMS might be an alarming phrase that equates to suicide. So, if you are talking to someone depicting signs of vulnerability and sending KMS, we’d recommend you take the situation seriously.

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How to Distinguish KMS as a Joke or a Serious Situation?

Since KMS translates to “Kill myself,” it leaves room for confusion. You might be wondering if the sender is joking about it or if they are serious.

In that case, you have to pay close attention to the context of the conversation and follow the scenarios from the list below.

1. Playfully overreacting

Sometimes, if your friend (or the sender) has had a rough day and wants to poke fun with their minor annoyance at the people around them, this is when they might send KMS. In this case, their objective is to have a playful banter that’s not serious.

2. Expressing dislike

KMS is among the most common ways to express dislike about a situation, event, or person. So, if the sender has come across something they detest or disapprove of, that’s one of the most common instances where they might playfully and jokingly send KMS.

3. Sign of sarcasm

The next situation where KMS is used non-seriously is when the sender sends it as a sign of sarcasm. Sometimes, it’s a way to complain about their life and put through situations that they are presently done with.

4. Sign of a bad day

This is where things might turn a little serious. If someone has had a terrible day and is genuinely frustrated with things, they might end up expressing annoyance by sending KMS. This doesn’t necessarily have to be taken literally but can be a way of letting you know about their bad day.

5. Restless and impatient

The last instance where KMS doesn’t mean its literal meaning is when someone is restless and impatient. Let’s say you are watching a new web series, and the plot isn’t good until the third season. You might express your anguish with KMS by expressing how you’d have to drag things until the third season, and things will start improving.

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How is KMS Used on Snapchat?

KMS Used on Snapchat

Now that we have given you a few probable situations where you can use KMS and instances where they are severe and non-serious let us further elaborate on it.

Some of the emotions that KMS can be used on Snapchat to express:

  • Disgust
  • Irritation
  • Frustration
  • Sadness
  • Dissatisfaction, etc.

However, remember that if someone sends you KMS on Snapchat and the context of the conversation makes you uncomfortable, that’s when you need to take things more seriously.

How to Reply to Someone Who Has Sent KMS on Snapchat?

When someone sends you “KMS” on Snapchat, the most essential thing you have to prioritize is the context of the conversation. If items are progressively getting severe, you have to reply accordingly.

However, if the conversation is fun and mild, you can reply accordingly to the recipient. It all fizzles down to the kind of conversation you are having with your friend.

If you find anyone sending you KMS as a way of asking for help because they are depressed or suicidal, take things seriously and refer them immediately to a professional who can help you out further.

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KMS on Snapchat has multiple meanings. If someone sent you this and you were initially confused, we hope this article clears up those doubts. However, keep in mind that the context of the conversation matters a lot. You can’t take things lightly if they are serious. Someone who has sent you KMS might need help, so tread the situation with caution.

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