One Remote To Open Them All

When you’re carrying a ton of groceries, you just don’t have that extra hand to twist the knob to gain access to your house. Well, door knobs are a thing of the past. No Design’s Sao Paulo was obviously tired of the run-of-the-mill front doors found on every house so he designed the Max Door. Simply put, it’s a door with no door knob. What’s unique and special about it is a few of its perks:

It can be opened via remote-control device, much like your car or garage. It’s even got a mailbox built-in to the door, eliminating morning walks to fetch your paper like a dog. And to top it all off, it has retractable guillotine at the base for sound insulation. We’re hoping that it can be used for decapitating trespassers, but no word on if and when this door will be commercial.

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