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Five-Foot Long X-Wing Mailbox

While some postal workers clearly act like they’re from a galaxy far, far away, we’ve had no way to prove this theory correct. Here’s a test. Plant the X-Wing Mailbox in front of your driveway and see how your mailman reacts. If you see a trace of nostalgia briefly cross the usual stony expression of your mailman’s face, it’s clear ...

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One Remote To Open Them All

When you’re carrying a ton of groceries, you just don’t have that extra hand to twist the knob to gain access to your house. Well, door knobs are a thing of the past. No Design’s Sao Paulo was obviously tired of the run-of-the-mill front doors found on every house so he designed the Max Door. Simply put, it’s a door ...

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Grass Mailbox

Designer Adriean Koleric has created a mailbox that is both eco-friendly and chic. Sporting a small patch of dirt to grow grass/flowers/marijuana in, this mailbox will no doubt get you eco-cred with the babes and a thumbs up from your mailman. Did I mention it holds mail? That’s mail, not males. Link (via)

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DIY Apple PowerMac G4 Mailbox

I must admit, I barely used my PowerMac G3 when I had it. If only I had gutted it and used it as a nifty mailbox for my cottage in Maine like this guy did. Doesn’t look too practical though, despite the easy-access case. It’s not R2-D2, but every fanboy can dream. Link (via)

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