Five-Foot Long X-Wing Mailbox

While some postal workers clearly act like they’re from a galaxy far, far away, we’ve had no way to prove this theory correct. Here’s a test. Plant the X-Wing Mailbox in front of your driveway and see how your mailman reacts. If you see a trace of nostalgia briefly cross the usual stony expression of your mailman’s face, it’s clear you’re dealing with an intergalactic traveler. If the reaction is not one of nostalgia, well, he’s probably still an alien.

With a five-foot wingspan and measuring five-feet in length, the X-Wing Mailbox, designed by Craig Smith, was never expected to last more than a few weeks. Craig says that he expected the X-Wing to be the victim of theft or vandalism within a month, but yet here it stands, intact, if not a little diluted from age wear. If only he had a nickel for every Star Wars stamp which had crossed its presence.


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