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Five-Foot Long X-Wing Mailbox

While some postal workers clearly act like they’re from a galaxy far, far away, we’ve had no way to prove this theory correct. Here’s a test. Plant the X-Wing Mailbox in front of your driveway and see how your mailman reacts. If you see a trace of nostalgia briefly cross the usual stony expression of your mailman’s face, it’s clear ...

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The $799 iPhone 3G

Want the benefits of an unlocked iPhone without having to potentially brick the device using illegal software circumvention? Join the crowd. Lucky for you iPhone enthusiasts, Buy.com is now offering a 16GB iPhone 3G that is completely backed by Apple and isn’t locked to a specific carrier. How did Buy.com get this deal to happen? What about AT&T? These are ...

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This Bag Will Self-Biodegrade in 60 Days

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to save the Earth. These 60 Bags are an awesome line of biodegradable carriers which degrade in about two months, or 60 days. Aptly titled, huh? Made and developed in Poland, the bags are manufactured out of a flax-viscose non-woven fabric (which actually sounds pretty edible if you happened to be ...

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Blood By Air – The Medical Robot Carrier Pigeon

The practical uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are proving limitless. Once used for espionage and photography, these airborne spy bots just fell victim to a role reversal: they’ve gone from spy to medic. Well, while they don’t exactly heal wounds out on the battlefield, they do provide air transport for supplies needed in dire situations. Think of them as carrier ...

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Proof In The Cards: T-Mobile 3G Hits NYC Tomorrow

Live in pixelated New York, use T-Mobile and own a UMTS-enabled device unlike your dinky F1 phone? Starting tomorrow, Big-T is rolling out its long overdue 3G network in the US. NYC is the first city to get it and as you can read on this employee e-mail sent to T-Mobile stores across the US. Bitchin’ data transfer speeds, bitchin’ ...

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