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Bringing Sexy Back: LaCie Hard Disk Max External Drive

Beautiful piece of machinery, isn’t it? A piano black finish, glowing blue light. Right out of the Hotel Gansevoort or some equally swanky place. No, friends, this is no cocktail dispenser. This is a huge 2TB external drive from LaCie. You’d expect a two terabyte drive to cost quite a bit, correct? You sir, are incorrect. At $270, this is ...

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NES Air Max Sneakers Are Not As Cool As They Try To Be

At first, these shoes don’t look much like a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Look closer. These kicks have D-pads printed around them. Look even closer. See the “Start” button? It’s trying very hard to look like the one on the controller. Definitely a cool design, but is it cooler than Hennessy�s Cognac Kicks? Absolutely not. Not even close. There is ...

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One Remote To Open Them All

When you’re carrying a ton of groceries, you just don’t have that extra hand to twist the knob to gain access to your house. Well, door knobs are a thing of the past. No Design’s Sao Paulo was obviously tired of the run-of-the-mill front doors found on every house so he designed the Max Door. Simply put, it’s a door ...

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