The Remote Wrangler: Where the hell did I put that thing? Oh yeah, it’s attached to my skull!


Where do lost remote controls wind up anyway? Is there some far and distant land where remotes of all ages run free? Well despite of where they wind up, the Remote Wrangler can help you keep them enslaved in reality. No more getting stuck under couch cushions.

The Remote Wrangler keeps them one of the only places its impossible to lose them. Right on your skull. The velcro-like stretchable fabric fits around your chin and dome to create an ugly mask of productivity. The fabric is supposed to feel like a second skin, but just looks plain uncomfortable. Like some weird strap for a torture device.

Only two styles are available so far. “Antique Olive”, for those fancy formal parties, and “Retro Sportsman”, for those times where you need your remote handy to play soccer with some pals. But don’t feel restricted to only put remotes up there. What you put on your head is totally up to you, and the size of your head. — Andrew Dobrow

Use your head to find those lost remotes [InventorSpot]

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