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Mr. Mustache Pillow

Why settle for only one mustache when you can have four interchangeable Velcro mustaches which can be changed any day of the week. I’m in sort of a handlebar mood today, but who knows what my mustache-meter will hold tomorrow. (Probably handlebar again. Those things rock.) Mr. Mustache is the perfect pillow for the wishy-washy facial hair fan. Who doesn’t ...

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Crazy Germans Invent Steel Velcro

I’m stickin’ to you, cuz I’m made out of STEEL mothafuckin’ VELCRO! NO, I did not change the words at all, I SWEAR. Look at this face? How can you not trust me? *pout* The Germans have gone and invented something that might change the way we look at Velcro sneakers. Their “Metaklett” is pretty much Velcro on steroids, a ...

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Make Your Own Velcro Laptop Case

With the state of our economy, people are looking for all sorts of ways to save money and pinch pennies. After all, coming up with a budget can be just the thing you need to get settled. Cut back on spending by designing and making your own velcro-based laptop case, like the one above found on isoglossia’s Flickr page. Even ...

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DIY: Wearable LED Light Bracelet Cuff

Jealous of the way other people’s wrists glow and yours is just plain and pasty? You too can have shiny wrists. Perhaps shinier than anyone else’s wrist. The Sparklab Wearable Light kit is a wrist cuff with embedded LED’s. The Velcro strap acts as a switch, so that the lights are only illuminated when the bracelet is being worn. The ...

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