Nokia Open 4G Phone Concept


Nokia held a design competition to help develop a 4G Nokia phone. The Nokia Open is the winning phone concept and is really like no other. It features a wing like display which opens onto a spread-open LCD touchscreen. The concept only features one main button. The rest is controlled through the touch display.

Ample screen room allows for easy moving of features for whatever need you might come across at any given time. The Nokia Open looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie that was never made. No wonder is won the competition.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. omg this phone is the bomb forreal it’s so crzy i want it u kno i need it so ima buy it

  2. the technology which is used by nokia is really look like a new era of light, means our dreams come true. now we are entering into the new world of science and technology where every thing is possible.

  3. Part phone, part shive….I APPROVE!!

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