Nintendo Announces DSi Release Date and Price


Been waiting years for the next hot Nintendo console? No worries, my friend. I have no hatred for the Nintendo DS. In fact, I used to own one a few years ago and loved it. If there’s one thing Nintendo does right, it’s portable gaming. But enough about me, you want to know about the upcoming DSi handheld. Well you’ll be glad to know it’s almost here! It drops April 5th nationwide in the US and will retail for a reasonable $169.99.

Can’t remember what makes the DSi so vastly superior to its little brother, the DS? For starters, it has two built-in cameras for taking photos and videoconferencing. There’s also now included software that allows for music and video playback. Additionally, this is brand new hardware, which means brand new games. Don’t fret though – it’ll still play “most” of your old DS games.


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