Nintendo 2DS Is Now Available!

Remember a little while ago (think August) we told you about the Nintendo 2DS ? Well now it’s up for grabs in Australia, Europe and North America for $129.

Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS certainly isn’t the latest and greatest in handheld gaming, but it is a great solution for parents living on a budget with children who want in on the handheld gaming fun. The basic Nintendo based gaming system is available in black and blue and black and red models. This system looks similar to the 3DS without the hinged center and without the three dimensional effects. The good news about the 2DS though is that it does take both DS and 3DS games which means it’s a cheaper solution for those looking to play the same games on a lower budget.

The 2DS is definitely not a solution for hardcore handheld gamers but it is a good option for parents on a budget this holiday season.

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