Next-Gen Car Brights / Headlamps to Automatically Adjust Beam to Avoid Other Drivers

One of the many things I hate about driving at night is the other drivers. Notably the ones who leave on their high-beams as they pass by. It’s not like it takes a lot of effort to switch them off. You must really be lazy or totally devoid of compassion to not click off your brights when you see a car coming your direction.

Thankfully, Valeo SA has developed a system called Beamatic Premium that would allow drivers to keep their high-beams on at all times without blinding other drivers. Beamatic uses on-board cameras to track the location of other vehicles on the road and uses automated dousers to block the glare from other drivers’ eyes. This way, people would have to go out of their way to be assholes, making them much easier to actually point out.


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  1. Really? This would cost so much to implement on a mass scale. How does it handle multiple cars? Here is a better and cheaper idea.

    Take what you did, inverse the math, give someone an augmented reality set of glasses and black out the areas on the screen where the oncoming car has light in your eyes. Now your design is modular, doesn’t depend on car variant, person, etc.

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