New Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales game coming to DS


Anyone who’s familiar with the Final Fantasy series of video games remembers the cute little chocobos and how entertaining they are. Square Enix announces the newest Final Fantasy game, Chocobo Tales, for the Nintendo DS Console, due out April 3, 2007.

Chocobo Tales is said to have story line references which play back all the way to the original Final Fantasy. Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto says he is “confident that fans of both Final Fantasy and Nintendo alike will enjoy this exciting title.” Featuring the innovative touch screen and stylus trademarks of DS, mixed with classic characters from the Final Fantasy world, is sure to make a interesting, and fun game. Available April 3 for $30. — Andrew Dobrow

Chocobo Tales Page [Square Enix, via GWN]

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  1. this game looks like its for toddlers lol. but ive never played it so its 50/50 chance that its good.

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