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South Koreans Using Meat as an iPhone Stylus

As it would seem, “electrostatically speaking,” sausages are a close match for the human finger, so they actually work pretty well as an iPhone stylus. Sales of CJ Corporation’s snack sausages are on the increase in South Korea because of the cold weather; they are useful as a meat stylus for those who don’t want to take off their gloves ...

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Design Your Own Custom Nintendo DS Stylus

If you’re sick and tired of the standard stylus for you Nintendo DS, Shapeways offers an awesome service which allows you to style your own stylus based around a nice collection of pre-made designs. The designs include a Wiimote, Link’s shield from Zelda and more. Seems like a great way to add some personal spin to your DS experience.

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Throw away the stylus: Finger tip controlled interface coming soon

One thing that has always turned us off about PDA’s is the inaccurate control the touch screens actually grant you. They hand you a stylus and send you on your way, but they neglect to tell you that the touch control does more messing up than it does controlling. Some researchers for Microsoft over in Redmond are working on a ...

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Chinese mouse is also a tablet device

Chinese company Hanwang has created this intuitive gadget that is a classic case of a mash up device. It combines the pointing device feature of a mouse, and a tablet feature which can be controlled through a stylus and recognizes handwriting. Chinese characters can be written directly onto the dragon pad using a stylus hidden in the mouse. This mouse ...

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Nokia sues shops, but not the N73 clone manufacturer

Pictured above is the infamous N73-clone, called Nokir E828, produced by a mainland Chinese company (NOKIR) next to the real Nokia N73 (on the right), it has been selling well enough to catch Nokia’s attention. However the company did not have enough evidence to go against the manufacturer and the copyright-protection laws are a bit tricky in mainland China, so ...

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New Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales game coming to DS

Anyone who’s familiar with the Final Fantasy series of video games remembers the cute little chocobos and how entertaining they are. Square Enix announces the newest Final Fantasy game, Chocobo Tales, for the Nintendo DS Console, due out April 3, 2007. Chocobo Tales is said to have story line references which play back all the way to the original Final ...

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