Negative: The Latest From TokyoFlash

We can never get enough of these TokyoFlash watches. The company is notorious for making watches that are nearly impossible to read, such as the Infection or the Eleeno E3.� Thankfully, it’s newest creation, the Negative, is actually readable.

That’s because it presents the time normally, except what makes this watch special is its display of time in negative space.� Highlighted surrounding squares define the unlit squares on the screen which display the time digitally.� It comes in black or silver and on top of that, each watch is capable of switching between seven different colors. That’s a different color for each day in the week! Additionally, the watch has a vertical or horizontal display option, several alarm functions, 12/24 hour mode and multi-color mode, which randomly sends the watch on a fritz as it switches among all seven of its available colors. For $160 dollars, this watch is a bargain as it’s as cool as they come (digitally) and will make you stand out during a nightly gathering.

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