MySpace Founder: Facebook Beat Us


Say it ain’t so! Brett Brewer, the guy who formed MySpace parent company InterMix Media and later sold it to News Corp., says that Facebook will dominate the social networking war on a worldwide scale. Facebook’s traffic is already overtaking MySpace and MySpace’s appeal is dying by the week. But it’s not just Facebook that Mr. Brewer focuses on:

But Mr Brewer, who has left the company to set up an online ad network that deals with both companies, also warned that Facebook is likely to be usurped as the king of social networking sites within two years by another entrant which will most likely pop up with better user functionality for mobile phones.

Brewer sounds spot on. Mobile phones are king in 2009 and if you’re not using a top-tier cellphone (iPhone 3G, Blackberry, G1, etc.), you might as well become a recluse. I see something similar to Twitter and Facebook taking over the web and mobile phone markets by storm in 2010-2011. What do you think? Do you prefer MySpace or Facebook?


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