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MySpace Founder: Facebook Beat Us

Say it ain’t so! Brett Brewer, the guy who formed MySpace parent company InterMix Media and later sold it to News Corp., says that Facebook will dominate the social networking war on a worldwide scale. Facebook’s traffic is already overtaking MySpace and MySpace’s appeal is dying by the week. But it’s not just Facebook that Mr. Brewer focuses on: But ...

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Over 4 Minutes of Watchmen Footage Leaked

Watchmen Exclusive Pumped for the upcoming Watchmen flick that’s directed by Zack Snyder? You betcha. Despite the torrent of legal issues surrounding the film, FOX and Warner Bros., News Corp felt compelled to leak a behind-the-scenes video to MySpace the other day and the result is a video tour de force. Never before has a superhero/supervillian movie based on a ...

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