Music floating in your bubble bath: flat-panel speaker MP3 player


Victor-JVC Japan is introducing a new MP3 player to their “health and healing” line of products, what’s so unconventional about this funny looking audio player is that it actually floats in your tub and plays music right next to your rubber duck duck. Wouldn’t water get into those holes? Good question, and Victor-JVC has it solved by using a NXT flat-panel speaker technology with water proof capability up to IPX7 standard; the down side would be that the MP3 player only has a mono-channel output as opposed to stereo conventionally.

This device weighs 260g and measures 12cm in diameter and 8.7cm in height. It runs on AA alkaline batteries, plays MP3 and WMA including those protected by DRM, however the internal memory is merely 256MB. This MP3 player is available now in Japan at $170, the first batch is limited to 1000 units only, be quick. —Sam Chan


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