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Pez MP3 Player is a collector’s dream

Please excuse me if I’m gushing, but when a geeky collectible becomes mixed with another tech medium, this is time for me to praise the heavens for blessing us with all this cool shit to talk about. The Pez MP3 player has a 512 MB capacity, which is nothing to really jump for joy about, but hey, it’s a fricken ...

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Music floating in your bubble bath: flat-panel speaker MP3 player

Victor-JVC Japan is introducing a new MP3 player to their “health and healing” line of products, what’s so unconventional about this funny looking audio player is that it actually floats in your tub and plays music right next to your rubber duck duck. Wouldn’t water get into those holes? Good question, and Victor-JVC has it solved by using a NXT ...

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HaCha R280S PMP media player

The Chinese are among the heaviest commuters in the world, and we know that commuters just love to watch themselves some movies. The Chinese-made HaCha R280S media player features a 16 million color 2.83-inch LTPS LCD display with a clear resolution of 320 x 240. The HaCha has around 4 hour playback for video, supporting WMA and AVI files, along ...

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LG FM37 (it rhymes) brings touchscreen tech now

Look at those screens and realize that they aren’t nearly as small as your iPod Nanos. Comparatively, the new LG FM37 digital media player packs either a 1/2/4 GB flash drive and supports MP3, WMA, and OGG audio playback. On the concept of thin, this player is only 10.4mm thin (about 1cm). Those screens are touchscreens and are 2.4″ LCDs. ...

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