Multiple-Choice Diary: The Quick Way of Logging Your Day

Who has time to write in a diary these days? I understand that before the internet and before cellphones writing just for the sake of writing was the key to communication and creation, but these days, the options are so vast that it’s difficult to find enough time to sleep, let alone meticulously write your innermost thoughts in a diary. The only people who have time to write in diaries these days are criminals and villains.

Mia Nolting created the Multiple-Choice Diary, the easy and quick way to chart your daily emotions without getting all artsy and introspective in the process. Personally, I much prefer the multiple-choice method. When I used to write as a journal in a kid, I’d look back to entries from a year earlier and I would just cringe with embarrassment. There’s nothing more shameful than reading the intimate thoughts of the past you.

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