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Multiple-Choice Diary: The Quick Way of Logging Your Day

Who has time to write in a diary these days? I understand that before the internet and before cellphones writing just for the sake of writing was the key to communication and creation, but these days, the options are so vast that it’s difficult to find enough time to sleep, let alone meticulously write your innermost thoughts in a diary. ...

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Everyone Wants a Log: Cuddling Up With Slabs of Wood

These wooden log pillows are perfect for beavers, cuddling humans and cuddling beaver-human hybrids alike. The design of the pillow imitates stubs of the cottonwood tree chewed down by our wood-loving friend, the beaver. Even better, they totally go with your natural pillow motif. The wooden graphics are physically knitted, rather than printed, giving each pillow a little custom touch. ...

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Poppin’ Wood

Anyone still pumping out Kid Cudi tracks from a traditional speaker setup is really missing out. With this iPod dock that’s shaped like a log, you and your homeboys will be poppin’ wood all night. Dancing and prancing will never feel more right. And to boot, it’s actually made from a real, honest-to-god log. Killer beats. Tree killer beats, that ...

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