Movie Set or Art?

As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations, the French company La Machine created this 50 foot monstrosity and called it art, when in actuality it is a movie prop from Eight Legged Freaks that none of the cast wanted to take home.

The installation cost 1.8million to bring to Liverpool and all but 250,000 of this was funded by the taxpayer.

Man, if I lived in Liverpool (I’m glad I don’t because I hear they’ve got a spider problem these days), I’d be glad to know my tax dollars are being put to good use creating robot spiders that roam the streets. The worst part about this entire thing is that, in the name of art, La Machine is turning this into some kind of weird city-wide LARP. That’s live action role play. After some phony story about this mechanical spider was written, the citizens of Liverpool still approve and want to go along for the ride.

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  1. So where did you get your Carp info from?
    For your information the revenue brought back into the city was 10 fold.
    How sad that you are so bitter !!
    I do live in Liverpool and let me tell you this, you will never know what its like to have the spirit that this city has…one day if you ever leave your bubble and get yourself a passport come visit us. Mmmmmmwah!!

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