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Wind-Up Mechanical Dennis Hopper Toy

If someone told me they were going to create a Dennis Hopper / mechanical duck thing wind-up toy, I’d be all like “Um, OK. Why?” And they’d be all like “Just because, dude! Just because!” And then I’d be all like “I bet you never finish it. It’s too crazy.” And then they’d be like “In your face, Andrew! In ...

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Use Piercings and Tattoos to Create Bio-Mechanical Body Mods

Body modding is no longer the social taboo it once was. In fact, it seems body mods, at least on the less extreme side of the spectrum, such as nose and tongue piercings, are all together trendy. But what about combining piercings and tattoos to create one overall body mod art piece? Your body is your canvas, indeed. This awesome ...

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Movie Set or Art?

As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations, the French company La Machine created this 50 foot monstrosity and called it art, when in actuality it is a movie prop from Eight Legged Freaks that none of the cast wanted to take home. The installation cost �1.8million to bring to Liverpool � and all but �250,000 of this was funded ...

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