Motherboard clock: All your seconds are belong to us


This 14 inch motherboard wall clock is one piece of geekery that will surely keep you on time for the next lecture on quantum physics you’ve been planning to attend. While we might not know all of the inner workings of hardware, we do know that motherboards look really friggen cool when placed on display on a wall.

Choose from a selection of green, blue, or red, or even all three if u wanna go all out. The only drawback is that there are no numbers displayed on the clock. You’ll live. Available now for $60. Or you could make your own for a few bucks. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. You blew the caption…it’s supposed to be “all your seconds ARE belong to us”.

  2. @Derek: I guess I’m not as fluent in Engrish as I thought. Thanks.

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