Monster GreenPower Center

Even if you turn your computer and electronics off, they still suck power from your outlets. This is known as vampire energy and it can really add to your electric bill if you’re like us and own a lot of consumer electronics. For $100-130, this power strip from Monster lets you tap a button to switch it into sleep mode. A test was done with 200W worth of equipment. After hitting sleep, the outlets only drew a combined total of 6 watts. Impressive. The GreenPower Center might be on the expensive side for a power strip, but it could save you some serious bucks, essentially paying for itself.


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  1. I have a Sony Bravia 3 1080p TV. I’ll connect a PVR/TVO Box ,a Playstation 3 and a basic surround sound system to it. I have no computer. The TV cost me $1000.00 Canadian and the Surround Souns was $300.00. I don’t own a computer or any other electronic gadgets. I find the price of the HDPG Powercenter a bit steep. It is about 20% of the cost of the TV. Is it really necessary or can I get away with a $30.00 bar.

    My Sony XBR which is my main TV has one of these bars. I live in Nova Scotia and we don’t get a lot of electric storms.

    Any advice? Does it really improve the pictuyre quality that much. I figure I don’t really need the surround sound on this second TV and could save myself over $500.00. So if the TV did “blow up” I could put the money saved towards a new TV.

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