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Monster GreenPower Center

Even if you turn your computer and electronics off, they still suck power from your outlets. This is known as vampire energy and it can really add to your electric bill if you’re like us and own a lot of consumer electronics. For $100-130, this power strip from Monster lets you tap a button to switch it into sleep mode. ...

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Chik-Fil-A Offering Decent Kids Toys For Once

Chik-fil-a. Let’s see. I think it was my second job when I was 14. Terrible experience if I recall, but the free food was a plus. Unfortunately, the kids toys always sucked. Since Chik-fil-a is a bible-thumping restaurant chain (never open on Sundays!), most of the crap children got in their Kids Meal was religious-based propaganda or a crappy book. ...

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Ice Hockey On A Portable DVD Player

This portable entertainment center is the only one in existence advertised with the Ice Hockey game for the NES playing on it. Despite all the expected features of a portable DVD player like a 14-inch crystal clear TFT LCD screen, multi-format disc play (including MP3 and DivX) and a high quality TV tuner for use all over the world; this ...

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Cloaking Technology Sunders Tsunamis

We haven’t covered much cloaking technology and that’s a shame because it’s starting to come into its own. Stefan Enoch at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille, France says that established cloaking principles, such as steering microwave light around an object, could be applied to ocean waves. Because cloaking technology is still in its infancy, scientists are still working on tackling ...

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Comcast Center HD Video Wall

It figures. A year after I move to NYC from Philadelphia, the Comcast Center is completed and the finishing touches it has are beyond spectacular. When I go back to visit, I’ll have to get some footage of this $22 million high-def video wall in action. It’s 27′ x 87′, features 10 million pixels across various modules, has six LED ...

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