Monowheel Is The Next Gen Unicycle


A typical unicycle is a one wheeled vehicle, where you can usually spy the driver of the said vehicle positioned on-top of the single wheel, flopping around like a trained circus performer. It’s time for a unicycle revolution! And the Monowheel delivers on all counts.

Instead of riding atop of a wheel, the Monocycle puts the driver inside of the single rotator. When rumors of a monowheel-like vehicle being sold in China proved false, designer Ben Wilson took matters into his own hands, creating his very own chick repellent.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Great job! I have been interested in monocycle design for several years. I have put together several drawings of a one wheel hybrid designed bike with outriggers, my desire to break the human powered vechicle speed record. Similar in theory to your inside the wheel design but somewhat larger and enclosed. I also found a site on the web that showed a large monowheel bike on video from China being sold, however don’t know if it’s for real.

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