The Magic Wheel: The skateboard / scooter / unicycle hybrid


Skating and scooters were pretty big for a while. Remember the craziness of the Razor scooter? The unicycle never had a real time in the sun, but The Magic Wheel takes all three forms of self propelled transportation and smacks it into one cool hybrid piece.

The Swiss designer of The Magic Wheel got tired of seeing the streets filled with clunky aluminum scooters, so decided it was time for something new. While you ride around on The Magic Wheel you’ll be sure to get noticed. And it has got to be an awesome ice breaker to meet chicks. Available now for $162. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Dear Sirs!
    The Magic Wheel (or the GausWheel) is a hungarian invention! The designer is also hungarian! Who is the mystic swiss designer? Can you introduce him?
    Best regards, G.Andrs from Hungary

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