Miccus BluBridge for iPod

OK, so take two parts awesome, one part iPod, add in a little bit of Bluetooth wireless connectivity and shake hard, very hard. The end result? The Miccus BluBridge for iPod. Just plug a small connector into your iPod and boom; you’re a streaming master, broadcasting tunes to any BluBridge audio setup. Did I mention the 330 foot range? That means you can chill with the chicks by the pool all whilst keeping the tunes blaring from your pocket. Very sweet.

At $59, you might as well plunk down another $129 and use the BluBridge mobile speaker. After all, your cousin borrowed $5000 last week for his latest “business endeavor” and you need to take a conference call with his investors. Thank goodness it doubles as a speakerphone for Bluetooth-enabled phones or we wouldn’t be here having this conversation. I’m serious. Way serious.


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