The reviveLITE Charges Apple Gadgets While Lighting The Way

I always find myself stubbing my toe when navigating through my room in the dark. It hurts like hell. If only I had this nightlight/charger for my iPhone. With the $40 dollar reviveLITE, I’d not only be rejuvenating my iPhone’s battery, but I’d also be saving my toenails from an otherwise gruesome deformity after colliding with an unforeseen object.

Developed by Scosche Industries, this charger is not just exclusive to the iPhone, it will also charge iPods as well. This is where I say goodbye to stubbed toes and hello to freshly charged Apple gadgets. It comes in both black and white. So, even if you were the only one who purchased the special edition U2 iPod, you still can have a nightlight/charger to match.

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