Measuring Pours Eliminate Measuring Cups


I’m not sure how much progress has been made in the measuring cup industry since its inception, but something tells me the old cups are on their way out. These Measuring Pours attach right on to any bottle and measure out a precise amount of liquid to pour.

The liquid is deposited into a reservoir which only holds as much as is needed. The Measuring Pours only allow the proper measurement to be poured, effectively eliminating a tedious task from your cooking.


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  1. something similar than that for Wine and Liquor.

    Its called: Hi-profit-pour. from

    Hi-Profit-Pour� measured pourers reduce liquor shrinkage substantially increasing your profits the day you put them on all your bottles. And they keep on delivering those profits, day in and day out.
    According to Bevinco, an independent beverage inventory control service, liquor shrinkage losses averages 23% on liquor and can run over 50% in some bars.

    Here�s how much over-pouring really costs you�
    If your bar pours a 1 � ounce shot, you will get 22 drinks out of a
    one liter bottle. If your staff over pours by one � ounce
    on average, you�re losing 6 drinks per 1 liter bottle. Based on an
    average cost per drink of $4 you�re losing $24 per bottle. That
    translates into $288 per a 12 bottle case. and that allot of money especially if you think yearly.


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